Customer-Sited Energy Storage in California and the SGIP Program

Market projection and guide to the economics of the state's $448 million incentive program


On May 1, 2017, California's Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) opened with a $448 million budget to spur the deployment of Advanced Energy Storage (AES) sited at customer locations. Pent up demand and enticing incentive levels made each funding round extremely competitive.

As the largest state incentive program for storage in the United States, California's SGIP is a model for large-scale storage incentive programs and funding allocations everywhere. Understanding the project economics and program design is crucial for investors, developers, and firms interested in energy storage optimization.

The extensive report by Utility Dive & Strategen Consulting delivers market projections and guides you through the economics and design behind the state's $448 million incentive program.

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  • Incentive rates - we'll walk you through the multi-step process of calculating a storage facility's incentive rates, including considerations for solar-plus-storage and the federal ITC.
  • Return optimization - the report spells out the winning value propositions for installers and hosts, outlining strategies for rate arbitrage and wholesale market participation for both commercial and residential customers.
  • Location - the report contains maps and market size analysis of the best electric tariff rates, giving you the tools to apply similar analysis in your region.
  • Insider market knowledge - find out which market players you should have your eye on and their track records in the SGIP program.

This 90-page report will allow you to thoroughly understand California's SGIP and how to establish similar incentives in your area by outlining specific storage strategy tools, revenue streams and target customer segments.

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